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PassMark Software has delved into the thousands of PC benchmark results that PerformanceTest users have posted to its web site. These software survey charts are made with thousands submitted benchmark results. Our data covers machines from a variety of computer users from system and home builders to everyday regular machines. Click the images below to view the results of these systems and the popularlity of apps in the different categories.

Most Popular Charts

Installed Applications

Windows Apps

Notes Related to the Graphs

Rarely is a graph completely accurate in what it is representing. There are many factors that can skew the results and make a graph misleading. As such it is necessary to have some background understanding of the data being presented.

In the case of these Software Marketshare charts there are several factors to consider, such as ...

  • ...These graphs counts the software installation submitted to us from users of our PerformanceTest software.
  • ...Baselines can be submitted from anywhere therefore these are global statistics.
  • ...These charts only include results from systems with Windows x86 processor platforms and therefore does not include any statistics on other hardware platforms.
  • ...The segment of users of PerformanceTest may be geared toward system builders and enthusiast.
  • ...Additional [notes about the charts]

How to Add Your Own System

Download and install PerformanceTest.
Start PerformanceTest then from the menu bar select "Tests->Run All Tests".
Once the tests have run select "Baseline->Upload Baseline to Web".

Your results will not appear in the graphs immediately as the graphs are only updated bi-monthly. Additionally, some systems may be filtered out where there is suspicion of possible cheating.